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FAQ Relating to Holiday Lets

Property Owner "I'd like to Let out my property on Airbnb but it's currently not furnished, what do i need to buy?"

Clean Crowd "It depends what type of property you have and how many guests you'd like to accommodate but to give you an example, for a two bedroom home, you'll need:

  • A double bed, or larger where possible.

  • Either, a single bed with a trundle bed under neath (for a small room) two single beds or a bunk bed. Bear in mind that bunk beds can limit how many 'groups' you have staying at your property however, as adults aren't always keen on bunk beds and they're not as flexible as two singles that can be pushed together for additional couples. Triple sleeper bunkbeds are brilliant though as they provide a double bed underneath suitable for couples as well as a single bed overhead, ideal for a child.

  • A cot. Couples and families travelling with a baby will often choose a property that is more baby friendly. Although it's possible that guests have a travel cot that they can bring, a proper cot is always a lot better for young children and parents have enough to pack as it is!

  • Three sets of bedding per bed. Choose fresh, plain bedding in neutral colours and try to stay away from white which is easily stained. Grey bedding is modern and clean cut and isn't as easily stained. 

  • A set of at least twelve towels (per four people) so that you always have a spare set that can used while the other set is being laundered. Choose bath sheets over bath towels (as guests come in all shapes and sizes) and as with the bedding, go for plain and neutral . Get matching hand towels - at least two per bathroom/toilet/ensuite.

  • A sofa - obviously.  Remember that this furniture isn't for your benefit but for your guests, so don't be afraid to buy second hand to save on your 'kitting out' costs. Keep the size of your target group in mind. If you're hoping to attract families then consider a three seater sofa and possibly some wipe clean bean bags to use as additional seats for children. Airbnb sees a lot of families coming together for holidays, so consider a chair that's slightly more upright and suitable for a grandparent too.

  • A table and chairs. Airbnb has many benefits for guests, but one in particular is that they get a 'home from home' environment and that usually involves cooking family meals. Ideally, pick up a high chair to go with your dining set. This is always appreciated by families with a baby. As with everything in this list, second hand high chairs are just as good and a lot more affordable.

  • A washing machine or Washer dryer is by no means a must, but for guests travelling for work, a washing machine can be a deal breaker. These can be picked up for under £50 second hand.

  • A TV is one item that most guests can't do without! You don't need to go hotel style and put tvs in the bedrooms, but one tv in the living room will be very much expected! Opt for a smart TV as most guests can't live without Netflix either.

  • WIFI. Even though most people have a fair amount of data to be able to access the internet on their phones nowadays, Free WIFI is key to keeping guests happy. Make sure that the signal is as good as you can get it (speak to your provider and look into signal boosters) as you don't want guests to complain about 'Poor signal' in their reviews. 

  • Cutlery, crockery, pans, glasses, Kettle, toaster, tin opener, cork screw, bottle opener, knives and basic kitchen essentials. You don't need to provide a full kitchen set up, but guests who enjoy cooking and baking, always appreciate a 'well stocked Kitchen' . Also, don't forget the Wine Glasses and Flutes! One of the  most popular alcoholic drinks  is 'Prosecco' and no Prosecco drinker will thank you if they have to drink their celebratory Holiday drink out of a water glass or Mug. 

  • Large kitchen Bin and ideally a recycling bin too (Guests will go through a lot of bottles and cans!)

  • Bedside tables and lamps.... ambience is key.

  • Supplying chest of drawers and wardrobes is something that hosts have mixed opinions about. Some guests, live out of a suitcase when they're on holiday, whereas others like to arrive at their accommodation and instantly settle in by hanging up all of their clothes. If you don't want to put in full bedroom furniture then a middle ground can be a hanging rail or a small chest of drawers. Even a divan bed with drawers underneath would be something that guests could use if they wanted to.

Non essentials that aren't necessarily needed but that well traveled guests sometimes come to expect : Hairdryers, iron and ironing board, mirrors and extra pillows!

As well as being able to advise our property owners about what they'll need to supply in their Holiday Lets, Clean Crowd also offer a property set up service. 

Property Owner "Isn't Airbnb seasonal? Surely i'll only make money in the summer?"

Clean Crowd "There are many reasons why people take a break away from home and stay in an Airbnb and surprisingly, it's not always to do with Holidays or the Summer/ Sun.  These are some reasons why our guests choose to stay in the Holiday Lets that we manage:

Birthday gatherings - Birthdays occur all year round! Don't panic though, most people are just looking for a little break away from home to catch up with their friends, it doesn't mean all 'Birthday' related stays are for a party!

Attending a Wedding

Settling a son or daughter into Bournemouth university

A competition or show at the BIC

Temporary accommodation during house renovations

Anniversary breaks - As with Birthdays, anniversaries occur all year round and couples will want to go away for romantic breaks away regardless of what season it is!

Work related travel - When people have to travel to somewhere outside of their home town, they look to airbnb and Holiday Homes for a better stay than they might get from staying in a hotel... particularly if they're traveling with colleagues and even more so if their company is footing the bill anyway!

Easter Holiday breaks, October Half term breaks, Christmas breaks.... any excuse breaks. 

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